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Full Primary Conquered!!

22 Aug

I better start writing about yoga. I’m pretty sure if there’s a person who’s a devoted yogini; and she lives in the icy place; and she actually wants to write a blog mainly about yoga; that person will be quite pissed off if they discovered is NOTHING about yoga. So.. if you’re that person.. calm down 😀 I am an Ashtanga Yoga practicioner 🙂

I usually do about 30-45 mins of yoga per day, and I’m always quite scared to do the primary series (2 hours one). But today… I did it!!!! yeay!!!! 😀 well….. I skipped a few of the ‘how in the name of ….. (insert your fave deity here) is a person supposed to do that??!!’ But still, at least I attempted to do every single one of them :):)

I started doing Ashtanga Yoga about 4 months ago. I was so so stiff at that time, I couldn’t even bend to touch my toes! It’s amazing how your body can become much more flexible in such a short time. So, if you’re thinking to do Ashtanga Yoga, and you think to yourselves that you’re too stiff, well… you can do it 🙂 It’s 1% theory and 99% practice 🙂 I can’t wait to see which crazy poses that I’ll be able to do in the next 4 months! 🙂

And here is a picture of my hubby doing Kukutasana (he’s been doing Ashtanga for about 9 months now)


Dim Sum

13 Aug

I don’t really know what it’s called, maybe chinese food syndrome, or chinese food headache, or what. But I have a throbbing headache right now, and I think this time I’m going to blame it on the dim sum that I ate for lunch. I’m fully aware that everytime I eat food with lots of MSG I’ll get headache, but oh my gosh….. who can resist succulent huge shrimp inside that Hakau? 🙂

Dim Sum has always been one of my favourite food, it really does bring lots of wonderful sweet memories. Tons of sweet and savoury food and boiling hot bitter chinese tea.

I think of dim sum as friendship/family/relationship bonding type of food. I always feel really happy and warm inside when I’m having dim sum with my loved ones. Dim Sum means good time.. Dim Sum means lazy Sunday morning.. Dim Sum means warmth…

ow, I just remember 1 more thing 🙂 Me and my hubby had our first ‘unofficial date’ at a dim sum place! We’re just eating and chatting and eating and chatting and more eating and more chatting. It really was a good day, I missed him already by the time I got into my car to drive back home.

Mah Pirate house slippers :D ARRRRR

12 Aug

It’s one fine day. We woke up at 7-ish then I made the usual weekend breakfast (toast + bacon + scrambled eggs for hubby, sunny side up with extra runny yolk for me :D).
We got so many stuffs to do that day, got to go the car shop to have the car washed inside out, go to a computer store to get new motherboard, have tasty lunch and got to rush back to have a relaxing day :p
Doesn’t it sound like a perfect day?? until….. I realized that I was still wearing my house slippers when we’re at the mall!! Oh nooooo!!
If your house slippers are the usual boring ones, it’s fine. But mine?? No…. it’s bright orange with little stuffed animal on top of it! (in my defense, my cousin made these, so me as a good cousin obligated to buy them :p)
I was so embarrassed to be seen walking around at the mall with that, I even considered buying new shoes. But then, I realized, no one really cares.. and even if they care.. so what? 🙂
It was a really god trip to the mall 🙂 and it made me realize something, sometimes we judged ourselves too harsh, when actually no-one really cares.

Ow, remember the little stuff animals on top of my slippers? One of them missing 1 eye! Oh no…
While we’re at the mall, we joked we’re just gonna use a black marker to draw another ‘eye’.
But.. my creative husband got another thing in mind that he kept from me the whole day.
While I was in the shower, he took my house slipper, and he turned it into this :

Isn’t it cute? It made my day 🙂 🙂
I’d love to hear your stories too about how simple silly act from your SO made your day 🙂

So here’s the beginning….

12 Aug

Before we got married, we did consider a few options on where to live. We considered New Zealand, because it looks like it’s a really beautiful place to live. We considered Australia, because both of us have lived there before and also my sister is there. We considered Singapore too, it’s slightly western and it’s still close to my home. And of course we also considered Jakarta, Indonesia, even though traffic is crazy, the air is heavily polluted, the city still has its charm on me, and not to mention my whole family and life is here. But finally we did agree on Alaska.

I remember when we first met; my husband said that one day he wants to go back there to live, to settle down. He had a wonderful childhood over there, he always telling me all this stories about he and his little brother had so much fun building forts and castles from snow. (it’s funny to call him his little brother, he’s a loadmaster on a C-17!! If that’s not bad-ass I don’t know what is).
I grew up here, in Jakarta.. it’s a city jungle.. I don’t have anything to complain about with my childhood, it’s great! Me and my friends in the neighborhood spent our after-school-time-before-get-yelled-at-for-playing-too-long riding bikes, making all sorts of ‘play food’ with leaves and flowers that we can gather in the garden, and all other mud-dirty things. But as every developing city is, my city has transformed so so much in the past 10 years. The big field that we used to play badminton in has transformed to another housing block. The big empty road that we used to play soccer in now is really busy with heavy traffic. Kids nowadays never go out and play anymore, they stay home playing with their own computers or PS3, since playing outside now is practically impossible. We don’t have parks that we can go to, every green areas have transformed into big shiny malls. Not to mention traffic.. sigh.. according to the transportation bureau, the growth of cars in Jakarta is 200% per year!! The traffic is so bad, the distance between my office and my house is 10 KM, if it’s a ‘no-traffic’ day I get home in an hour. If it’s a ‘bad traffic’ day, I could get home in 2.5 hours! I don’t want to waste my precious time in traffic anymore.
Besides, if the goal is living in Alaska, everywhere we go it’d be just temporary. I don’t really like the idea of moving, so yeah.. we’ll be living in Alaska 🙂

Which….. brings us to another hurdle/speed bump/call it whatever you like : Visa 🙂
We looked up many ways on how to obtain a spouse visa, and we read so many horror stories about it too. There’s a couple who has to live separately for 7 years until the visa got approved, or there’s a couple who simply got denied for whatever reason. Let alone the mounting documents that you have to submit and the supposedly scary interview.
Well…. If you’re looking for drama, this is not the case. I got my visa in under 2 months!! :):)
It really is a blessing :):)
The process had been very very easy and smooth, it’s almost hard to believe to be honest.

We’ve set the date on when we’ll be leaving Indonesia, it’s September 16th. My feelings have been really mixed up. I am excited to live abroad, I am happy to start a new life with the love of my life but at the same time I am sad to leave my family and my life that I’ve known for so long.
I’m sure I’ll be happy, my husband’s family is very supportive, warm and welcoming 🙂

So here I am.. a girl from Indonesia, about to have a journey of my lifetime 🙂
When life gives you snow, drizzle them with syrup and condensed milk on top! 😀