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Snoowww where are you?

24 Oct

So.. I thought I’ll freeze my rear-end off here. And don’t get me wrong.. sometimes I am freezing, but I don’t get cold as I thought I would be. Also, the weirdest thing is, it hasn’t snowed yet! Come on Alaska! Gimme my first snow 😀
I wonder, if we kill a chicken at the base of Mt Mc Kinley, would it help? 😀


And so it begins….

22 Oct

So.. I’ve been here for 3 weeks now 😀 Time really flies.. seems like we’ve only been here for a couple of days. I’m going to try to post something every single day, it might not be interesting.. but who cares? It’s my little diary 🙂

Duane fixed the car seat heater today! how cool is that?? 😀

Hopefully I can catch my sister today on Skype.. can’t wait to see my little nephew 😀