Green bean soup

29 Dec

This is my first x’mas away from my family, I think…. I’m pretty sure I always went back home when I was living in OZ.. hm… oh well.. not important πŸ™‚

Let’s put it this way, this is the farthest I’ve been away from my family during X’mas time. I miss them so much, I miss our old X’mas decorations, I miss the old fake X’mas tree, I miss waking up at 5.30 AM Christmas morning to go to Christmas morning mass, I miss humidity and heat (this has nothing to do with christmas, but whatever).

This is a picture of our old Christmas tree, hm…. somehow it looks much better in real life πŸ˜€

And here is a pic of the inside of my church, I miss it so much….

Everyone here are really curious about Christmas celebration in Jakarta, Indonesia. I think most people here thinks that Indonesia is a Moslem country and we don’t celebrate Christmas at all. Ok people, first of all, no matter what CNN or Fox or various TV channels here are telling you, Indonesia is NOT a Moslem country. Yes, the majority of the population are Moslem, yes we are the country with the biggest Moslem population in the world, but Indonesia is NOT a Moslem country. We do celebrate Christmas with all of it’s festivity πŸ™‚ (hm… why am I talking about religion now? this is so out of topic of what I’m trying to write on this post)

Anyway, what I want to write on this post is about my family’s Christmas staple food, it’s not Christmas in our house if we’re not having green bean soup. This tradition went way way back to the year 1950s or 1960s. When my dad was a little kid, Indonesia just declared it’s independence so the economy condition wasn’t very good at all. And at some point, it was hard for my dad’s family to even have a decent meal every single day. They didn’t eat meat much at all because it’s unaffordable, they only eat meat for special occasion. So for Christmas, my Grandma cooked green bean soup ( I think it’s called mung bean over here ) with yummy pork belly (yes the kind with 2 :1 fat to meat ratio, respectively) . The whole family really treasured that meal, because keep in mind, meat is a delicacy back then.

So now, even though my family is much better off, we always come back to that humble soup with that cheap cut of meat every Christmas. It kinda reminds us all about the humble beginning of our big family and the struggle that my grandma and grandpa went through back then. Yes, all the Christmas gifts are awesome, they are like cherry on top. But the most important thing about Christmas for me is being with the people you love the most, treasuring every single moment with them and being really thankful of all the blessings that I have received πŸ™‚ As I was sitting on the big dinner table this Christmas, surrounded by my new family that I truly adore, looking at their genuine smiles.. I know I’m home πŸ™‚


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