Now that we have snow… what to do?

29 Dec

I am on a roll 😀 This should be my 3rd posts of the day!

My dad always says that I’m “anget anget tai ayam” it literally translates to warm like chicken shit. It basically means that, when I have a hobby I will pursue that with all my heart for about.. a month.. top, then I’ll loose my interest (because chicken shit only warms about a minute then it’ll get cold on the ground, you know what I mean right??). Kinda like blogging, when I am on a roll I can write 3 posts in a day, but then.. I won’t blog for months :p

That makes me think… why are we, Indonesians, are so obsessed with chicken rear end? We called goosebumps, “pantat ayam”, which literally means chicken butt.. seriously.. next time you have goosebumps, look at it closely, it looks like chicken butt!

Ok, back to the main topic, this is my first snow! It has been so exciting to do stuff with them 😀

I’ve made snowman, I’ve had snowballs fight with Maggie the dog, I’ve made snow angels (yes, plural, I’ve laid on the cold cold snow with the sole purpose to make snow angel more than once), I’ve ridden snow machine, I’ve skied, I’ve snow-shoed.. I guess that’s about it 🙂

And here is the picture of our snowman:

Looks a tad scary with 1 eye much bigger than the other, our snowman has leaves moustache and I’m not sure whether you can see it or not, but the it has an epic nose! And of course the first thing Maggie did was pee on it.. Ah.. that dog… ckckck…

We had so much fun that day, I made hot cocoa afterwards.. yummeh 🙂





Snow machining is really fun as well! 🙂 I haven’t ridden it by myself, I’m still riding double with my hubby. But, here is a photo of me “riding the snow machine”

Ahem…. if you think I look fat, it’s because I’m wearing at least 4 layers of clothes.. ahem…

That ride was really fun and cold! We went down to the river, and dad predicted the temperature was like minus 15 to minus 20 Fahrenheit! Which is like minus 100 in centigrade scale :p I’m kidding, it might be like.. maybe.. minus 30 C.. perhaps? Anyway, it was COLD! I never felt so cold in my life! It was so cold I thought my eyeballs are gonna freeze! It was so cold I thought my cheeks are peeling off! After that cold cold river riding, we went up to a hill, and guess what the guys think a good idea? Drinking cold beers! I don’t get men…. it’s cold…. how can you enjoy cold beer when it’s freezing cold? Sigh….







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