Chicken Soup yum yum

6 Jan

What to do about the chicken carcass after a meal of store bought rotisserie chicken?? Make chicken soup of course 🙂 It is really really simple, just put the carcass in the pot, cover with cold water, boil boil boil for few hours. Take out the carcass, put lots of veggies and seasoning, and you’ll have a warm and super healthy bowl of chicken soup 🙂

First thing first; if you’re feeling rather frugal you can pluck and pull any leftover meat that might still be left on the carcass after you carved them.

I managed to salvage that much meat from the carcass! 😀 I separated the white meat from the dark meat because my hubby refused to eat dark meat…. which works great for us since I prefer dark meat anyway! 🙂 It got so much more flavour than the boring white meat.. sigh…that poor dude doesn’t realize what he’s missing…..

After pulling out all the meat, it’s time to make the star of the meal : the chicken stock! 🙂 Cover the chicken bone with cold water (I read that you should start with cold water because some protein only dissolves in cold water) and just boil away. Leave it simmer for about 2 hours and you can see all that goodness starts floating freely in the water. I also put about 5 cloves of smashed garlic and about a thumb of smashed ginger.. I dunno why.. it’s the inner Chinese in me that made me do that. It might be to ‘cut’ the fat, or makes it smell better, or something.

The best thing about this part is the smell!! 😀 ohhh… the aroma of homemade chicken stock filling your entire kitchen, it’s heaven 🙂 (or in my case filling the entire house because we live in a tiny house :D)

After the stock is ready, pull out the carcass, and start preparing your veggies. I always have a lot of veggies in my fridge, so I just put a little bit of everything in there for taste, texture and of course colour 🙂 I put cabbage, celery, onion, carrot, green onion, kidney beans, tomatoes and cauliflower. It’s a veggie medley 🙂

Ow, here’s a pic of my new pink colander in action.

hhhh…. isn’t it pretty? 🙂 🙂

And don’t forget to season your soup with salt and pepper. I also put a pinch of thyme and rosemary in mine.

Enjoy it while it’s piping hot with your loved ones 🙂

Warm and full belly = Happy family 🙂


2 Responses to “Chicken Soup yum yum”

  1. willowjeaner January 6, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    Yum! Your chicken soup makes me want to make chicken soup! Don’t think I have any veggies to put in it though:(
    Oh well. Great blog!

    • frozenyogini January 6, 2011 at 4:54 pm #

      Thanks! 😀 I’m thinking about making avgolemono soup.. have you ever heard of that?

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